Production Process

Our production process allows you to choose a professional voice talent as well as background music online. You can submit your own on-hold message script for recording, or we can write one for you based on the information you provide to us.

After you have selected the voice talent and music, we will record your message and email you a link to listen to it online. Upon your approval, we can deliver the recording on CD or downloadable WAV and MP3 files.

How it Works

You can place your order and completely customize your on-hold message recording online:

1.     Choose your favorite voice talent and background music using the online order form.

2.     Our copywriters will begin writing your script and email it to you within 3-5 business days.
        Of course, you may also submit your own script for recording.

3.     Once you approve the script, we will record your message and email you a link
        to listen to it online.

4.     When you're satisfied with the final recording, we can deliver the message on
        CD or a downloadable WAV or MP3 file.


Types of Phone Systems

Are you currently playing music or messages for your callers while they wait on hold?
If not, you will need to have an on-hold message player.

We sell message players that are reliable and easy to install yourself.
The message player you need depends on the type of phone system you are using.

PBX Office Phone Systems

Do all of the phone extensions in your office come into one central control box? If so, you have a PBX or Key system. This type of system will usually have a jack on the control box where you can plug in an on-hold message player.

The OHP 8000 is a message player that easily connects to PBX phone systems.

Single, 2 or 4 Line Phones

Ordinary single line phones and phones with 2 or 4 lines are most commonly used by home offices and small businesses. Most people purchase these types of telephones from an office supply store.

If you want to play on-hold messages and music for your callers, we recommend the OHP 6500 message player. It comes with an adapter that plugs between the hand set and telephone, allowing you to play messages for callers while on hold.

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