Dental Messages On Hold

Corporate On Hold Message

   A professional on hold message for your dental office provides your current and prospective patients with    important information about your practice and it lets them know you care. We can help you create a
   message that reassures anxious callers while promoting the services your practice has to offer.


        Dental Sample #1


                                        Dental Sample #2


Single Custom On Hold Message Recording: $299

If you rarely need to change the information on your company's on-hold message, we can record a custom message for you for a
one-time fee. Click here for more details.

Quarterly Update Plan: $59/Month

With our quarterly update plan, you’ll be able to promote new products and services, announce company news,
advertise special offers and more. Enjoy the flexibility of being able to change your message up to 4 times a year.
Click here for more details.

Monthly Update Plan: $99/Month

Update your message every month and keep callers informed with new information. Click here for more details.

Do you need a message player? If you don't already have a message player connected to your phone system, we offer a
USB Message Player for use with PBX and KSU type phone systems.

Each On Hold Message Production Includes:

  • Up to 6 minutes of marketing messages and music delivered on CD or downloadable MP3 and WAV files.

  • Copywriting by experienced writers will encourage more inquiries from customers about your products and services.

  • Licensed background music between messages keeps your callers relaxed.

  • Choice of professional voice talent allows you to pick the right voice to represent your business.

  • How it Works

    Working with us is easy. Choose your favorite voice talent and background music from the options below.
    Then click here and fill out the order form. A representative will contact you to confirm your order and
    assist you throughout the production process.

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